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Our proxy service offers you a solution to Internet anonymity problem: quality HTTP/SOCKS 5 proxies!

Private service price

Period Discount Amount due
1 month not provided 10 USD
3 months 10 % 27 USD
6 months 20 % 48 USD

* Unlimited access to the database for 30 days.

Public proxy list price

Please note that the subscription is not valid without the basic access to the private area.

Period Discount Amount due
1 month not provided 5 USD
3 months 10 % 13.5 USD
6 months 20 % 24 USD

Here are the main advantages of using our proxy service:

  • Full proxy server support for protocols like HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS5.
  • Instant access after a payment has been made.
  • Option to choose a proxy server with IP-address of a particular country, region or even city.
  • Anonymity that we take very seriously, as our proxy servers do not keep any logs and never show your real IP-address.
  • Security that always goes first, as all proxy servers run only within our partner program and are not public.

Methods of payment for Buy Proxy service

You will be offered to make a payment for the service immediately after registration of your personal account.

Currently, our proxy service automatically has been accepting electronic payments from Avangate(multi-billing), Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, and WebMoney online payment systems.

For example, if you use WebMoney online payment system you need to follow these steps: go to a profile > click on a payment menu > select WebMoney payment method, and follow the further instructions on WebMoney page.

Additional options

  • Freecap (Is a small freeware program that was developed by Maxim Artemiev)It can allow almost any application to access internet transparently if native support for proxy is not built in that program). In particular, using this tool, you can create a chain of several SOCKS proxy servers, which will reduce the probability of determining your current IP-address.
  • Odysseus (by BindShell.net team)Odysseus is a proxy server, which acts as a man-in-the-middle during an HTTP session. A typical HTTP proxy will relay packets to and from a client browser and a web server. Odysseus will intercept an HTTP session's data in either direction and give the user the ability to alter the data before transmission.For example, during a normal HTTP SSL connection a typical proxy will relay the session between the server and the client and allow the two end nodes to negotiate SSL. In contrast, when in intercept mode, Odysseus will pretend to be the server and negotiate two SSL sessions, one with the client browser and another with the web server. As data is transmitted between the two nodes, Odysseus decrypts the data and gives the user the ability to alter and/or log the data in clear text before transmission.

Terms of use

We kindly ask you to follow these simple rules when using our proxy service:

  1. Please make your monthly payment for your personal account in timely manner.
  2. Do not use our proxy servers for spam mailings via e-mail to any forums and guest books to avoid conflict situations.
  3. Don't use automated proxy-grabbing tools for the proxy list collecting. To verify the workability, we recommend you to use a special feature 'Test' that is located in front of each proxy server. Besides, we do not provide a list of all available proxies at the moment.
  4. Please keep in mind that there is no money refund if your personal account has been blocked for use of banned applications for proxy / socks servers.
  5. If you have any questions or problems using our service, please immediately notify us by (XMPP)support-buyproxy@jabbim.com ,ICQ 8774244 or at mail support@insorg.org
  6. Notice! This service is provided only for your safety on the Internet! All illegal and criminal activities are forbidden!
  7. The use of our services implies that the user has read and agreed to the Terms of use