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We do not ask why you need anonymity in the network -
we just give it to you!

Privacy Policy

  • We do not collect statistics, logs of user’s activity on the PROXY servers.

  • We will not share your personally identifiable information that is used for your registration, such as an e-mail address, username, password.

  • Also, we do not store your e-mail correspondence and information on your account on our proxy servers.

  • We do not monitor your Internet activity.

  • Warranties

    We guarantee that you will have access to the proxies’ database during the entire paid period. In case of interruptions in accessing to the database, we shall fill the lost time to the fullest.

    We guarantee both a quick registration and instant provision of proxy for use immediately after your payment. You can pay through the majority of payment systems: WebMoney, Bitcoin, PerfectMoney and others. If there is no suitable system in the list, our support team will help you to find the most inexpensive way of making a deal.

    We guarantee your access to the database of private proxies that are not available for the public. Duration of "life" of each proxy server is not more than 24 hours, after which the port number is changed.

    We guarantee a simple connection: you are just to specify a proxy and connection port in your browser settings and all your traffic will start going exclusively through the proxy server.

    Easy selection of proxies from the personal account. Personal account is well protected – the simultaneous use of proxy from multiple IP-addresses is not possible. With our proxy servers you may rest assured of absolute anonymity. We neither track your activity in the Internet, nor collect statistics about the pages you visit. Activity logs on a dedicated proxy server are not recorded as well. All your personal information, required for registration (login, password, address, e-mail), remains confidential and is not intended for transfer to third parties. We do not store any correspondence with clients. Proxy servers, provided by us, do not store any information about you and your account.

    And the most important thing!

    We guarantee that you can get back all the money paid (money-back) within 72 hours without the need to explain the reasons of your dissatisfaction, if you are not satisfied with the conditions of provided proxy servers. In case of cancellation of the contract, you not only do not lose all your money, but also earn experience of using our proxies free.